Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Monday, September 8, 2014

WIPs, Updates, & Sheer Joy About Autumn

Hey, guys! I figured I should do an update to let you know what I'm working on and some kind of idea when stuff will be released.
First off, it was slightly cooler today! Fall is coming! :D
Okay, now to the books. I'm working on getting my website and a few other things done that are related to that. I'm hoping to have a newsletter sent out here soon. The sign up is on my website. As soon as my website is finished, I'll post a link. It's mostly set up, but I need to update it.

I had to move the release date for Haunting Siren (Midnight Fetish 1) because I had a book coming out for the month I scheduled it for. I want to have it come out in October since I don't have any other books being released at that time.

On the WIP front, I'm currently working on a spin-off serial to the Men of McKenna Downs serial. This one is about Danielle Hartwell and six men. :) I'm going to stick it in three or four books because six books would be a lot, but for proper character development with that many men plus the angsty side characters involved, it really needs at least three books. If I stay on schedule and Siren accepts this serial, the first book would probably come out in early spring.

After that I've got to get started on Masters of Black Dragon 2, which is about Miranda Langley and her two Doms, Jason and Armand. It would probably come out early next year. I'm new to Evernight, so I'm not as familiar with their schedule yet.

I have Winchester, Arizona 4 started, which is based on the witch, Lorelei Presley and the five Dark brothers who are cowboys and jaguar shifters. This will be a stand-alone book as will the remaining three books in the series. To space things evenly, this book would probably come out in the fall of next year.

I'm also working on a dark and at times disturbing project that really explores the human psyche. I go back and forth on publishing it, but I most likely will. At the moment it's based on two sets of characters in different romantic relationships. One is MM and the other is MFMMMM menage. It's very character driven. There's a plot, but it's super character focused compared to the balance I usually strive for. Not saying that's a bad thing. It's just different. I'm about halfway done with it. All I can say is seriously read the warning label on this one. This is one of those series you read if you have no triggers and like dark books that explore the human psyche, have a ton of angst, and very flawed characters. I plan on self-publishing it. I'll post more closer to time.

On the erotica front, I have the sequel to Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves started. It'll be a bit until I'm able to get back to it, but depending on Pink Flamingo's schedule, I'm hoping the book will be out in the fall of next year. It's tough to say, though.

I have some other WIPs as well, but as far as what would come out next year, this is how it looks so far. Temptation, Wyoming 8 is one I'm excited about writing, but with my schedule, a toddler, and moving next year, it probably won't come out until early 2016. That book will be on Brenda and her three men in uniform. Oh yeah, and there are bear shifters in it. :) The bad guy in Tempted by Brothers (Temptation, Wyoming 7) will be in it as will the main characters from that book. Important to the plot. If by some miracle I'm able to get it done early and have it come out next year instead, I'll let you know.

That's all for now. I hope you're enjoying the commencement of fall or spring depending on which hemisphere you're in. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nook Book - Green Broke Woman (Masters of Black Dragon 1)

Now in Nook book at Barnes & Noble: Green Broke Woman (Masters of Black Dragon 1). MFMMMM menage BDSM with cowboys & suspense.

Nook Book -

Masters of Black Dragon, 1

Kayla Sanders has loved the three Langley brothers since childhood, but her youth and innocence keep them from acting on their feelings for her. Undaunted, she goes to California and seeks the help of Hugh Randall, a Dom, to train her in BDSM so she will be the submissive woman the Langleys want. 
She never counted on falling for the Dom who trains her or on falling for Virgil Paisley, the hot cowboy in a white Stetson who comes to her aid when duty calls Hugh away mysteriously. 
When Kayla returns to Kentucky, Travis, Keith, and Jake Langley profess their love to her. But a predator from Kayla’s past wants her back, and when she least expects it Hugh and Virgil walk back into her life. All five men want her, but none of them are willing to back down. Will she have to choose from among all of them, or is there another way?
Be Warned: menage sex (MFMMMM), BDSM, double vaginal penetration, caning, spanking

Saturday, August 16, 2014

20th Anniversary at Pink Flamingo Publications & Book Package Deal - Fallen Angels Trilogy

Pink Flamingo Publications is celebrating their 20th year of delivering naughty books for those of us who love the darker side. If you live in the US, they're offering a free shipping deal on orders over $100.
Also, my Fallen Angels trilogy is now available in a three book bundle package. They have all three books in the omnibus already, but now there's a deal going on at Pink Flamingo Publications and Erotic Book where you can get all three individual paperbacks: Broken Halo, Broken Vow, and Broken Glory, on sale in a package deal of the whole trilogy. The paperbacks end up being cheaper that way.
The books are also on sale as individuals.
Plus they have a lot of other books by a bunch of different authors currently on sale there. I keep adding to my wishlist and TBR pile whenever I visit their site. :)

Pink Flamingo Publications (Book package deal for trilogy) -

Erotic Book Network (Book package deal for trilogy)- 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Winners of Giveaway!

I have the winners of the giveaway I did over at Sam Crescent's blog! I decided to pick two instead of just one since you guys were so sweet. :)
Both were randomly selected (numbers in a bowl) and the two winners are: Jody Anderson and Sue Magner. Congratulations, ladies! If you email me which ebook title you would like, I'll send you your PDF ebook. My email is
Thanks again to everyone!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Audio Book - Broken Halo (Fallen Angels 1)

I'm so excited! If you guys are into audio books, Broken Halo (Fallen Angels 1) is now in audio book. :)

Amazon -

Amazon UK -

Dark Fantasy Erotica

Thousands of years ago in another kingdom, there was a great battle between the forces of good and evil. She stayed behind to serve the king. He followed Lucifer and was cast out of heaven. Distance and loyalties come between the guardian angel and the fallen angel, but there was one thing time couldn’t destroy.

Despite the fact that Sonya watches over human souls and Nimbus seeks to ruin them, neither one has ever stopped loving each other. But angels and demons are forbidden to mate. Frustrated that Sonya resists his wiles despite her obvious need for him, Nimbus employs his soul devourer friend, Jude to help him trick the dark-haired beauty into losing her soul.

Devastated that her compassion was used against her, Sonya finds herself trapped in a world of demons and vampires where humans are made into sex slaves and reduced to little more than objects. She teeters back and forth between reluctance and acceptance, between resentment and lust.

Sonya seeks to escape and somehow find redemption for her betrayal, but Nimbus vows to break her until she worships him alone. Through punishment, humiliation and twisted sexual acts he seeks to destroy her angelic nature until he subjects her to the greatest sin of all.

Content warning: Male domination, female submission, S&M, threesomes, gang-bang, double stuffing, pony training, straight sex, lesbian sex, non-consent, caning, whipping, blood play, branding, golden showers, exhibition, voyeurism, anal, oral, sex with a demon in shifted form, bondage, caging, fisting, spanking, masturbation, degradation, etc.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Giveaway & Interview on Sam Crescent's Blog

I'm doing a giveaway over at Sam Crescent's blog. Just comment for a chance to win. The random winner will get their choice of a free ebook in PDF format, whichever book they want of mine.
Check out my interview, too. :)