Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Dark Cowboys of Winchester (Winchester, Arizona 4)

The Dark Cowboys of Winchester (Winchester, Arizona 4) is available at Siren-Bookstrand.

Siren-Bookstrand -

Word count: 59,767
[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, spanking, food play, HEA] 
Lorelei Presley, a witch, comes to Winchester to attend Jade's wedding. What she doesn't count on is five jaguar shifters imprinting on her. Remington, Rafe, Boston, and Orlando Dark, along with their half-brother Callum, all know she's their mate and are ready to claim her. Lorelei wants them, but the curse placed on her by an unknown entity complicates things. As they bond she realizes she wants to stay with them.
An evil goddess out for revenge is looking for her. Other dark entities are after her with a very different agenda. 
Her estranged father shows up and says he still loves Lorelei's mother and wants her back. Her mom warns her to stay away from him. Both parents paint very different pictures of the past and each other. When Lorelei has to face the evil goddess, she finds out which parent was telling the truth and which one is the liar.


“Why did you run off like that, Lorelei?” Rafe asked gently.
None of them looked mad or disgusted, which was a major relief, but it only made the farewell harder.
“Didn't Callum tell you?” Lorelei asked.
“He told us,” Boston replied.
She nodded sadly. “Then what are you doing here?”
“We brought Mexican food.” Callum drew her attention to the paper sacks.
Orlando gave him a patronizing glance before looking at her. “I told him we just ate, but he insisted.”
“Fourth meal, brother,” Callum said. “Haven't you ever heard of Taco Bell?”
Lorelei smiled meekly. “I love Taco Bell. Is that what you got me?”
“No. It was this local Mexican place,” Callum said.
“You wouldn't come back to us, so we came to you,” Rafe explained.
“You want to be friends?”
He frowned. “Not particularly.”
“We want to be your friends and your lovers,” Boston said.
The prickly moisture gathered in her eyes. “How are you going to be my lovers if we can't have sex?”
Orlando held up a hand with an “everybody chill. I've got this” expression. “Calm down, lady. Haven't you ever heard of anal?”
Callum peeked into a bag. “She can't have anal.”
“Crap. Oral. Titty-fucking.” Orlando shrugged. “The sky's the limit.”
“You really want to fuck my feet and ears for the rest of your lives?” she asked glumly.
Callum's head shot up and the bag rustled when he lowered it. “Now that was uncalled for, love. Nobody here's knob is that small.”
Orlando snorted. “Good catch. I was distracted by her little pajamas.”
“They are cute, aren't they?” Callum pulled out a tortilla chip and extended it to her. “Crisp, darling?”
She took it. “Thanks.”
“The answer is yes, by the way.” Boston gazed at her seriously. “We want you long term.”
“That's really sweet, but I don't think you realize how bad the pain can get.”
“It's true,” Callum agreed with her. “She was screaming like a banshee. That Remington bastard is a real son of a bitch if you ask me.”
“That's our brother you're talking about,” Rafe said.
“He punched me in the fucking face for trying to make sweet love to Lorelei here. Doesn't sound to me like he wants to share,” Callum said. “He didn't even introduce himself proper to her.”
“Well, he's only my half-brother,” Rafe said. “Boston is his blood brother.”
Boston waved him off. “You can insult him. He’s bossy sometimes, but he'll share. He probably didn't realize you're her mate, too.”
“We have no intention of penetrating you if it causes you that much agony,” Rafe told her.
Lorelei looked between them skeptically. “You're all okay with that?”
Orlando nodded. “Fine by me.”
Boston shrugged with his hands resting casually in his pockets. “I'd prefer to have all of you, but even half of you is better than losing you. You're more than a pussy, Lorelei.”
“You say that now, but the men never stay once they realize I don't put out. I want to, but I can't. It hurts too bad. Callum, what are you doing?”
“Keep talking. I'm just putting some towels down in case we spill any on you.”
Orlando wiggled his eyebrows. “We probably will.”
Callum snickered. “I was talking about the food, you perverted sod.”
“Yeah, that's what I was talking about.”
“Lorelei, look at me.” Boston trapped her in his comforting, sexy blue stare. “We're not them. Just give us a chance to prove that.”
“But if you're that decent of guys, then you deserve to have a woman you can have sex with,” she said desperately. “Your dad wants grand-babies. I can't give you that.”
“That's nothing to worry about, my fit turtledove.” Callum set out the food. “I figured when the time is right we'll all wank off on you in a romantic sort of way with candles and Celine Dion playing in the background. Then we'll scoop our cum up and stick it inside you with our fingers right quick, so it's not too painful and voila. You'll be knocked up like you've never been before.”
Rafe's brows quirked. “They have artificial insemination in medical settings.”
Callum pointed at him. “I like that idea much better.”
Smirking, Orlando's features wrinkled in amusement. “Bro, he mentions candles and Celine Dion and the grand-babies was what you got out of it?”
Boston guided her onto the bed. “It's your choice, Lorelei. You want us to go, we'll go.”
“I don't want you to go. I just don't want you to claim me and then regret it because we can't have sex.”
He took her hand. “We won't. There's more to you than that. If in the future you can do so comfortably, great. If not, we'll get extra creative. Just give us a chance.”
She kissed his hand. “Thank you, guys. You can't claim me until you're sure.”
“We're sure,” Rafe said adamantly.
“I have to be sure that you won't regret it. I need time.”
“That's fine.” Boston played with her hair. “Soft.”
“Good lord, woman, are you still holding that crisp?” Callum exclaimed in between bites.
Lorelei popped it into her mouth. “Better?”
“Much better.”
They passed the food around and ate.
Orlando winked at her. “So, you gonna take your clothes off? Wouldn't want you to get food on it.”
She tittered, ruffling his curly brown hair. “You're so thoughtful, Orlando.”
“That's what Pa says about me.”
Rafe nearly choked on his chimichanga. “Don't do that when I'm eating.”
Orlando snorted, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, he's extra stern with me for whatever reason. Did any of you guys tell him that I'm the youngest and the baby is supposed to get spoiled?”
“Not a word.” Boston unwrapped his burrito. “Take your clothes off, Lorelei.”
The room got quiet all of a sudden. Lorelei's body heated over the order. She slowly disrobed from her pajama top and shorts.
“All of it,” Rafe commanded, his deep voice becoming huskier.


Boston had his mouth on her. “Unzip my fly.”
Hands shaking, she unzipped and unbuttoned them.
“Lorelei, you bad girl. I didn't say anything about the button.” His feral growl inflamed her as his lips lightly brushed hers. “Just for that your shorts are coming off.”
She grinned. “What a terrible punishment.”
He smirked, lowering the zipper with haste. His firm, sensuous lips swooped down over hers and massaged her lips with hot, sexual caresses. An unbelievable rush of fire engulfed her body when his steamy tongue pushed into her mouth and rubbed sinfully against hers. He loosened the button on her shorts and then pushed them down her ass.
She cried out softly in his mouth when someone's lips brushed her thigh as one of the men took her panties off with his teeth.
Boston's deep, guttural moan electrified her, and she whimpered helplessly when his hand squeezed and massaged her breast. The insidious way his hand slithered under her shirt to unhook the front of her bra made her body quiver and her knees shake.
He nibbled her lips and sucked on her tongue, bathing her skin with his humid breaths. Her cunt ached and pleaded for their cocks, growing wetter and more desperate the more he fucked his tongue into her mouth.
“Lift your arms.” Rafe's voice dripped with fire, drawing the hot nectar from her pussy.
She broke the kiss with Boston so Rafe could take her top off.
“We're gonna do something different with you tonight,” Boston informed her. “You're gonna take us all at once.”
“First she's going to pleasure me,” Remington said. “I don't think giving two hands jobs at once would fare well for us. She'll be too overwhelmed by everything else. Come to me, Lorelei.”
Cold electricity surged through her veins leaving them achy in response to his dominance. The force set her womb ablaze with memories of him.
“Kiss, kiss.”
Lorelei smiled, pressing her lips to his. She touched his strong arms and kissed him slowly, inching her tongue into his hot, silky mouth.
“Now suck me.” He pushed her to her knees, giving her a playful smile.
“I want to taste her while she does that.” Callum had her rise and then straddle his face while Remington stood in front of her. “Very nice. Go ahead, love.”
Hot shivers licked up and down her spine when she felt the slippery heat of Callum's soft tongue laving her folds. He licked rich sensations of pleasure all over her.
She sighed with bliss before lavishing Remington's big dick with kisses.
He groaned. “That feels good.”
The heady scent of his lust for her flooded her senses. Making him lose control should have given her a sense of power, but her overwhelming hunger for his cock spoke of his tremendous power over her. He made her weak like she made him weak.
The crystal dew of pre-cum sparkled in the slit on his glans like an addiction calling to her. She licked it slowly, savoring the salty musk.
He let out a savage gasp.
She trailed her finger on the top of his shaft while her tongue dragged across the underside.
“Shit,” he hissed. “I know him licking you is distracting, but your man wants you to suck his cock.”
The way he cupped the back of her head and fed her his hard, throbbing erection thrilled her. She sucked his dick, savoring his hedonistic sounds. It was a conundrum how something could be soft like satin yet hard as iron. He swelled in her mouth, the hot maleness of him delighting her taste buds.
Callum beat her clit with his tongue. Lorelei's knees quaked and she let up, holding Remington's penis motionless in her mouth.
“That's right. You're gonna come with my cock in your mouth.” Remington played with her hair. “Keep pleasuring me.”
She felt her climax building the longer Callum tongued her. She whimpered around Remington's dick.
“Don't stop,” Remington urged.
He massaged her scalp while she suckled him.
She rubbed his scrotum, noting how heavy and tight it was. The sac felt leathery and soft. His heady sounds said he appreciated the stimulation.
She moaned on his shaft, enjoying his cry. She could taste his essence leaking from the slit. He was close.
An orgasm plummeted through her, locking her muscles and causing her to writhe against Callum's mouth.
“Good girl.” Remington pulled her into his crotch so she was forced to suck him deeper. “Keep sucking.”
She rode the waves of pleasure as she cried out wildly around his thrusting length. He jolted against her, pulsing steamy jets of semen into her mouth.
Legs shaking, he ran his fingers through her hair as he sought his breath. “Good girl.”

Monday, June 13, 2016

Haunting Siren on Amazon & Updates

Haunting Siren (Midnight Fetish 1) is finally back in print. I apologize for the long absence. Life has been hectic, but I'm back now. The book is MF paranormal erotic romance with a ghost theme. It's currently on Kindle. Eventually I want to get it on Nook and in paperback as well, but each format costs money, so it will be a bit.
The Fallen Angels Trilogy and Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves are out of print, but I'm going to try to get them back in print within the next few weeks. Likewise they will be out for the Kindle and eventually for Nook and in print. If I can figure out how to self-pub for Kobo, I'll try for that, too.
The Dark Cowboys of Winchester (Winchester, Arizona 4) was accepted by Siren Publishing and is scheduled to come out on June 22nd. It's Lorelei, the witch's story with her five jaguar mates.
Now that your eyeballs have been bombarded with words I'll post the link, cover, and description for Haunting Siren. :) Jess Buffet made the lovely cover.

Amazon -

She never saw his face, never knew his name. The touch she felt the deepest came from a man who was more dead than alive... 

Siren, a Gothic beauty, is kidnapped by a ghost and trapped in a haunted house with him for seven years. She never sees his face or knows his name, only the touch that brings her pain and pleasure. 
Then one day it all disappears. She wakes up alone in her former hometown to find the ghost and haunted house have vanished without a trace. Only the fact that she is locked in a chastity belt and carrying the phantom’s baby reminds her that she’s not crazy and it all really happened. 
Hannibal, a firefighter with no memory of his past, frees Siren from the device and allows her to stay with him since she has nowhere else to go. There are strange, paranormal forces surrounding her, but in spite of his doubts, he seeks to protect her from the ghost she believes is still hunting her. 

Contains: Explicit M/F sex, dubious consent, spanking, whipping, Spectrophilia, and light bondage 

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance/Ghosts 
Word count: 51,000

Story Excerpt

Siren lay on the thin blanket that served as an uncomfortable veneer over the hard floor. It was night again. She always loved darkness and paranormal phenomena, but her affection for such things was dying in light of the past two years of isolation.
            The voices, the whispers, objects moving, ghostly images appearing and disappearing were unnerving. The image of a man passing through walls and the spooky melody coming from a piano she never could find disturbed her greatly.
            She knew a ghost lived here, but who it was she didn't know. Nor could she fathom why the spirit kept her trapped in this house with him. She assumed the entity was a man since she had only ever seen a male image passing through walls and the frightening whispers were masculine.
            She pulled the blanket over her to get warm or to hide from the ghost. He’d never touched her, but he seemed to delight in tormenting her anxieties and scaring the crap out of her, which she didn't appreciate.
            She held her breath when she heard water running in the bathroom. It sounded like the shower head, but she’d taken a bath earlier and hadn't left the water on. Curious, she tiptoed toward the bathroom and peeked through the crack in the nearly closed door. The moonlight cascaded through the window and poured on a body that appeared as flesh, but had a glowing, translucent haze around him like a storm moon. Only his face remained in the shadows, keeping his identity a secret.
            Siren pushed the door open, pleased it gave quietly so she could gaze at the phantom. He was tall and lithe...and completely naked. The water showered down on his lean, muscled physique sending an aura of steam around him while he worked the soapy lather into his body.
            He whistled that song he often did when walking through walls to scare her: I Only Have Eyes for You.
            She licked her lips at the tantalizing picture he made. She had to be quiet. God only knew what he would do to her if he discovered her watching him. Her mouth dropped when she saw his hand go down to his penis and work it up and down into an impressive erection. She had never seen a man so big. How long and thick it appeared. She wondered what he was thinking about that had him so horny. Sex obviously, but what did he fantasize about?
            The phantom grunted with satisfaction as he worked his stiff appendage, thrusting into his grip as though he were inside a woman's vagina. He was fucking himself.
            Siren felt a pool of moisture gathering in her folds. God, that was hot. She wasn’t a virgin, but she had never seen a man masturbate before. She wanted to, but her previous boyfriends claimed that was private. Odd how those bad boys she'd dated were so coy about masturbating in front of her. She thought dating a badass would mean the guys would be freaks in bed, but it seemed no man could handle the things she craved in bed. Maybe they were just too young in spite of their experience. Perhaps she needed someone older, a gentleman with a dark edge to him.
            On the other hand, maybe what she really needed was something supernatural. Knowing this fleshly phantom was ethereal played upon her bizarre fetish to the hilt. She wanted to run her hands over his svelte body to see if he was real or simply an illusion. She couldn't be imagining this. True, two years of isolation had rendered her lonely, but she wasn't crazy, of that she was certain.
            But would a lunatic be aware of their insanity?
            She didn't know, nor did she care.
            The ghost groaned and gasped from the friction of his cock rubbing against his own hand while the other groped his testes. The sight was spellbinding.
            She felt a steady pulsing in her clitoris like the gentle beating of a heart at rest. The sight proved titillating, inflicting her cunt with an ache that demanded satisfaction. She slid her hand into her pale pink panties, biting her lip as she grazed the sensitive flesh, swollen with need.
            The ghost moaned, gasp freezing in his throat as he spilled his release all over his hand and belly. His husky panting was a narcotic evoking a wave of lust in Siren that washed away whatever self-control she may have had left. She tickled her clit, delighting in the plumpness of it. She would get off quickly and then get the hell out of there.
            She opened her eyes to see the phantom standing under the deluge of running water silently and perfectly still. She paused scared to death he’d seen her. Had he? She couldn't see his face, but if he hadn't spotted her, then why did he become so quiet and motionless all of a sudden?
            She took a step backward to slink out of the bathroom.

            “Stay where you are,” the ghost commanded in a gentle but firm voice.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On Amazon: Hot as Heller & Dark as Cole (The McAlisters of McKenna Downs 3 & 4)

Books three and four of the McAlisters of McKenna Downs serial (Hot as Heller & Dark as Cole) are available on Amazon for the Kindle.

Amazon -

Amazon UK -

Word Count: 74,907
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, with M/M, HEA]
Danielle Hartwell has Heath back and she couldn't be happier. She's overjoyed that Cole McAlister has come home, but after an eleven year absence she doesn't know where she stands with him.
Heller Enos struggles between wanting revenge on Heath and his old feelings for him. He's made up his mind that Heath needs to be open about who he really is, even to his preacher father. He's also determined to make Danielle his. She wants him, but has reservations about dating a biker. That and she fears that people will look down on her for being with five men, but Heller intends to show her that they belong together and that a ménage relationship can work.
Heath loves Heller and Danielle, but he’s determined to keep their unconventional relationship a secret from his conservative father. How long can that last?
The serial killer continues to prey on his victims, but he just might be a little too close for comfort.
NOTE! This is book 3 of 4 in The McAlisters of McKenna Downs collection. These books are not stand-alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. The final book contains a happily ever after for the heroine and all her men.
Note: This series runs on a parallel timeline to The Huntingtons of McKenna Downs

Word Count: 51,681
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, with M/M, whipping, belting, flogging, HEA]
Danielle Hartwell and Cole McAlister start a BDSM relationship together, but she senses darkness in him, something that has him holding back with her. She's determined to win back his trust and get him to open up to her again like he used to.
Cole helps the police investigate the murders. Just when it seems they have it all figured out, the serial killer does something out of character and baffles them.
Sean Friel prepares to leave for New York, but not before the one he loves the most gives him the sweetest goodbye he’s ever known.
Brighton McAlister struggles to convince himself that Kale Enos is not like the person who hurt him, but the fears that drive him away send him into the arms of trouble. When Brighton is kidnapped it becomes a battle between Cole’s intelligence and a killer’s obsession. Time is running out and there can be only one winner.
NOTE! This is book 4 of 4 in The McAlisters of McKenna Downs collection. These books are not stand-alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. The final book contains a happily ever after for the heroine and all her men.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dark as Cole (The McAlisters of McKenna Downs 4) Now Available

Dark as Cole (The McAlisters of McKenna Downs 4) is now available at Siren-Bookstrand. It's the fourth and final book in the serial. So for those of you who were waiting until the last one came out to read the serial, it's out. ;)

Siren-Bookstrand -

Word Count: 51,681
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, with M/M, whipping, belting, flogging, HEA]
Danielle Hartwell and Cole McAlister start a BDSM relationship together, but she senses darkness in him, something that has him holding back with her. She's determined to win back his trust and get him to open up to her again like he used to.
Cole helps the police investigate the murders. Just when it seems they have it all figured out, the serial killer does something out of character and baffles them.
Sean Friel prepares to leave for New York, but not before the one he loves the most gives him the sweetest goodbye he’s ever known.
Brighton McAlister struggles to convince himself that Kale Enos is not like the person who hurt him, but the fears that drive him away send him into the arms of trouble. When Brighton is kidnapped it becomes a battle between Cole’s intelligence and a killer’s obsession. Time is running out and there can be only one winner.
NOTE! This is book 4 of 4 in The McAlisters of McKenna Downs collection. These books are not stand-alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. The final book contains a happily ever after for the heroine and all her men.
Note: This series runs on a parallel timeline to The Huntingtons of McKenna Downs


Jed turned to Justin. “What about you, twink? You want in?”
Justin was clueless. “Want in where?”
Jed smirked. “Our human sandwich. Diesel and I were thinking of taking a third on tonight. We need a soft, cute boy between us real bad right now, don’t we, Diesel?”
“Yes,” Diesel replied.
Apparently he didn’t talk much. Jed said enough for the both of them.
Justin blinked rapidly at this and swallowed. “Y-you want to have sex with me?”
Jed grinned. “You’re a lot smarter than that other one.”
“Hey!” Jasper snapped.
Jed blew him a kiss that had the DJ scandalized.
Justin licked his lips.
Jed grunted, scruffy face becoming taut. “God, that tongue.”
Danielle was getting turned on and glad that the two men had broken up the confrontation.
“Um, I … I’ve never …” Justin blushed, but he didn’t seem repulsed by the idea.
Jasper did. “That’s disgusting.”
“Shut your mouth, boy,” Jed reproached him. “You’d love it.”
“I would not.”
“Well, kid?” Diesel asked the bartender.
Justin stuck his phone in his pocket, hand shaking. “I’m kind of straight.”
Diesel smirked. “Kind of?”
“Yeah, totally. There’s this girl I like. We text and stuff.”
“Well, if you change your mind we’ll be in the showers in the men’s locker room,” Jed informed him. He threw Jasper a wry glance. “You’re too nasty to be with a woman. What you ought to do is find yourself a nice son of a bitch, or two, to teach you how to behave.”
“You’re sick,” Jasper sniffed.
“Cute little bastard.”
Danielle smiled when she looked up and saw Cole in the distance. He looked so handsome and sexy in his suit.
The club was decorated with all sorts of Christmas stuff and he was so beautiful and regal standing there like every dream she’d had incarnate. Her heart beat a little faster when he walked toward her.
 Cole had been watching them in the distance. He’d been on the phone with Dominic discussing police work, but now that was over with and it was time to focus on Danielle.
He knew their stories, could read them simply by watching them.
He scanned the two men standing near her. The one was scruffy and had a Southern drawl he discovered when he approached.
Religious convict with good manners and a taste for men.
He’d done a bit of research since those two men were newcomers in town.
The bald, muscle-bound one with the deep voice was a bit harder to crack.
Ex-Marine with a dark past.
He was surprised that they’d been let in since the owners of the club did background checks on everyone first. Shane never would have let them in. Perhaps Aiden’s criteria for membership was significantly more lenient than Shane’s.
The punk DJ standing behind the bar next to his girlfriend wasn’t difficult to read in the slightest.
Homophobe, emotionally abusive.
His eyes drifted to the barmaid.
Doormat, sweet but naive. Possibly in love with her best mate.
He’d seen her texting someone before. Her face glowed and he’d heard her talk about someone named Billy a time or two. She didn’t strike him as the cheating kind, but he was under the impression that her heart was lost to this Billy, even if she was too ashamed of her wandering eyes to let herself admit to her feelings.
His gaze shifted to the barman, who seemed antsy and indecisive.
Conflicted about his identity, has a flame for his employer.
Jed patted Diesel on the arm. “Come on, bud. Let’s go get good and naked. We’ll be thinking of you—Jasper, wasn’t it?”
“You shut your mouth.”
“Someday, boy. You just wait. Come on, Diesel.”
The pair wandered off together.
Cole noticed a man harassing Aiden Friel, one of the club owners.
“Did I ever tell you about my goats?” the older one asked the Irishman.
Aiden appeared annoyed. “You mentioned it once or twice, yes.”
His jaw locked when the man touched his arm. “I got another one.”
“Ah, good.”
Cole didn’t really like many people and he loathed small talk.
The goat lover babbled on to a vexed Aiden.
Avoid at all costs.
He was here for his lady, not for idle chatter.
Shane Huntington strode over to relieve Aiden of the prattler. “How are you?”
The older man pivoted to face him. “Hey, Shane. I got another goat.”
Shane grinned. “You did? What’d you name it?”
He laughed. “Not after my brother, right?”
The man blinked at this and then guffawed. “Hell, no. It was just a random name. That’d be pretty funny if I named a goat after him.”
“Well, sometimes he’s ornery like one,” Shane said.
Aiden had slipped away, mouthing a thank you to Shane. Cole couldn’t read him. Aiden was cynical, but that was all he could see. The man was a mystery.
Cole tuned everyone else out.
Jasper had walked away and when Danielle paused in her conversation with Felicia, he seized the opportunity to make his presence known.
“Hi,” she said softly.
He kissed her forehead eyes closing momentarily. “It’s good to see you.”
She took his hand and gave it a caring squeeze. “It’s good to see you, too. I see you brought some things.”
“I did. Are you ready?”
She got down from the stool and they went into a private room together. He was proud of her for wearing what he’d told her to. Not that he expected any less. She was a good one. It was a simple top and knee-length skirt with brown boots. She looked wonderful in them.
“Lift your skirt, Danielle, so I can spank you.”
“Yes, Sir.”
She faced the wall and raised it up, baring her naked bottom to him. She’d worn a thong per his instruction. It was a fetching red one in the true spirit of the holidays.
He spent some time fondling her ass and kneading it, which she seemed to enjoy very much.


 “Don’t come, Danielle.”
“It’s so strong.” She mewled through the build-up. “Oh God, it’s coming. I feel it.”
“You’re going to come?” he asked darkly.
“Yes,” she breathed.
He massaged her pussy faster. “You’re going to disobey me and have an orgasm from me rubbing you like this?”
“I’m forcing you to disobey me?”
“Yes. I’m coming.”
“You’re not.” He immediately pulled his hand away.
“Aahh! No!”
She practically wept in protest when the sizzling electricity of her commencing orgasm was cut off. Sharp ripples fluttered in frustration in her pussy. If he’d rubbed her just a second or two longer, she would have had a full-blown climax whether he liked it or not.
“You were going to come of your own volition. I’m not responsible for your disobedience, am I, Danielle?” He followed the question up with a ferocious slap of the belt on her mons.
She yelped and flailed, but he kept her from flopping into the bathwater. “No, Sir. It was all me.”
“You were going to disobey me because you’re a salacious woman, aren’t you?”
“Yes, so much.”
He smiled at her writhing. “I decide when you orgasm, not you.”
“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry. I can’t help it.”
“You can. Make your body listen to me.”
She winced at the harsh lash of leather on her privates. Her mound was inflamed. Her cunt pounded in readiness and shock, completely sopping with lust.
“Who controls your orgasms, Danielle?”
He pelted her sex once more with the belt. She yelled out in pain and then went limp and moaned submissively. The thought that he was taking what he wanted from her and that she must endure the pain for him and satisfy his depraved sexual appetite catapulted her to an exhilarating high.
“You do, Sir,” she choked out.
He gave a few deep stabs into her bottom that had his eyes closing briefly and sent a long groan of passion from him.
He laid the belt on her hip and then used his hand to massage her cunt again.
“This is my pussy and I’m going to touch it whenever I want.”
She couldn’t stop whimpering. It felt so good—the pain, the pleasure. Everything he did to her blew her mind and had her saying “Yes, Sir.”
“I can rub it in precisely the right way to make you come and you must obey me no matter what your body wants.”
“I’ll try, Sir.”
“You’ll do it.”
She choked on a desperate moan when he rubbed her faster. “It’s so good. I can’t.”
“You can. Make yourself listen to me.”
Her slit leaked hot cream.
She was so close. Too close.
“It’s coming.”
“No it isn’t.”
“I’m sorry, Sir.”
“You’re not coming.”
The light spasms beginning in her vagina said otherwise.
“Oh yes,” she breathed in ecstasy.
Like clockwork he pulled his hand away and kept her climax from reaching its crescendo.
“Oh no!”
“You’re a bad girl, Danielle.”
“I’m sorry, Sir. I want to be good.”
He picked up the belt again, but he didn’t swing it. Instead he started fucking her ass again. A deep growl sent a flash of heat through her body. He had his head back and his eyes closed while he plundered her bowels.
“I could fuck all the strength from you and take my pleasure. I could leave you aching and unsatisfied, your pussy soaked with need and swollen from my power over you. What say you to that?”
She bit her lip in a giddy smile. “That’s hot, Sir.”
He chortled. “It is.”
After a few more deliberate thrusts he stopped and lifted his arm again, drawing the belt back.
“Do you want me to make you a good girl?”
She cringed at the pain she knew was coming, but her excited pussy kept spilling cream out of her. “Yes, Sir.”
“Touch yourself,” he commanded.
She gladly played with her pulsing clit.
“Move your hand.”
She did and he struck her mons again.
“I want you to get off on the pain. Come for the belt and then I’ll put my mouth on your pussy and taste you, lick your soft little clit to orgasm.”
She moaned softly. “I want that, Sir, but I don’t think I can get off on pain.”
“You can. I’ll help you. Touch yourself just until you’re about to come. Then move your hand and I’ll spank your pussy.”
“Yes, Sir.”
She followed his instructions, finding a unique gathering of pleasure and pain this time when he lashed at her.
Danielle stimulated her clitoris again. This time the tingles were sharper and more concentrated than before. When she moved her hand away he brought the belt down on her bulging clit, setting off fireworks. She screamed. Sheets of rapture billowed through her. She would have come more powerfully had she been permitted to keep touching herself, but climaxing from a spanking was still intense.
Cole battered into her quaking ass, burrowing deep inside her, scalding her with the searing touch of his naked genitals massaging her insides.