Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Monday, June 13, 2016

Haunting Siren on Amazon & Updates

Haunting Siren (Midnight Fetish 1) is finally back in print. I apologize for the long absence. Life has been hectic, but I'm back now. The book is MF paranormal erotic romance with a ghost theme. It's currently on Kindle. Eventually I want to get it on Nook and in paperback as well, but each format costs money, so it will be a bit.
The Fallen Angels Trilogy and Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves are out of print, but I'm going to try to get them back in print within the next few weeks. Likewise they will be out for the Kindle and eventually for Nook and in print. If I can figure out how to self-pub for Kobo, I'll try for that, too.
The Dark Cowboys of Winchester (Winchester, Arizona 4) was accepted by Siren Publishing and is scheduled to come out on June 22nd. It's Lorelei, the witch's story with her five jaguar mates.
Now that your eyeballs have been bombarded with words I'll post the link, cover, and description for Haunting Siren. :) Jess Buffet made the lovely cover.

Amazon -

She never saw his face, never knew his name. The touch she felt the deepest came from a man who was more dead than alive... 

Siren, a Gothic beauty, is kidnapped by a ghost and trapped in a haunted house with him for seven years. She never sees his face or knows his name, only the touch that brings her pain and pleasure. 
Then one day it all disappears. She wakes up alone in her former hometown to find the ghost and haunted house have vanished without a trace. Only the fact that she is locked in a chastity belt and carrying the phantom’s baby reminds her that she’s not crazy and it all really happened. 
Hannibal, a firefighter with no memory of his past, frees Siren from the device and allows her to stay with him since she has nowhere else to go. There are strange, paranormal forces surrounding her, but in spite of his doubts, he seeks to protect her from the ghost she believes is still hunting her. 

Contains: Explicit M/F sex, dubious consent, spanking, whipping, Spectrophilia, and light bondage 

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance/Ghosts 
Word count: 51,000

Story Excerpt

Siren lay on the thin blanket that served as an uncomfortable veneer over the hard floor. It was night again. She always loved darkness and paranormal phenomena, but her affection for such things was dying in light of the past two years of isolation.
            The voices, the whispers, objects moving, ghostly images appearing and disappearing were unnerving. The image of a man passing through walls and the spooky melody coming from a piano she never could find disturbed her greatly.
            She knew a ghost lived here, but who it was she didn't know. Nor could she fathom why the spirit kept her trapped in this house with him. She assumed the entity was a man since she had only ever seen a male image passing through walls and the frightening whispers were masculine.
            She pulled the blanket over her to get warm or to hide from the ghost. He’d never touched her, but he seemed to delight in tormenting her anxieties and scaring the crap out of her, which she didn't appreciate.
            She held her breath when she heard water running in the bathroom. It sounded like the shower head, but she’d taken a bath earlier and hadn't left the water on. Curious, she tiptoed toward the bathroom and peeked through the crack in the nearly closed door. The moonlight cascaded through the window and poured on a body that appeared as flesh, but had a glowing, translucent haze around him like a storm moon. Only his face remained in the shadows, keeping his identity a secret.
            Siren pushed the door open, pleased it gave quietly so she could gaze at the phantom. He was tall and lithe...and completely naked. The water showered down on his lean, muscled physique sending an aura of steam around him while he worked the soapy lather into his body.
            He whistled that song he often did when walking through walls to scare her: I Only Have Eyes for You.
            She licked her lips at the tantalizing picture he made. She had to be quiet. God only knew what he would do to her if he discovered her watching him. Her mouth dropped when she saw his hand go down to his penis and work it up and down into an impressive erection. She had never seen a man so big. How long and thick it appeared. She wondered what he was thinking about that had him so horny. Sex obviously, but what did he fantasize about?
            The phantom grunted with satisfaction as he worked his stiff appendage, thrusting into his grip as though he were inside a woman's vagina. He was fucking himself.
            Siren felt a pool of moisture gathering in her folds. God, that was hot. She wasn’t a virgin, but she had never seen a man masturbate before. She wanted to, but her previous boyfriends claimed that was private. Odd how those bad boys she'd dated were so coy about masturbating in front of her. She thought dating a badass would mean the guys would be freaks in bed, but it seemed no man could handle the things she craved in bed. Maybe they were just too young in spite of their experience. Perhaps she needed someone older, a gentleman with a dark edge to him.
            On the other hand, maybe what she really needed was something supernatural. Knowing this fleshly phantom was ethereal played upon her bizarre fetish to the hilt. She wanted to run her hands over his svelte body to see if he was real or simply an illusion. She couldn't be imagining this. True, two years of isolation had rendered her lonely, but she wasn't crazy, of that she was certain.
            But would a lunatic be aware of their insanity?
            She didn't know, nor did she care.
            The ghost groaned and gasped from the friction of his cock rubbing against his own hand while the other groped his testes. The sight was spellbinding.
            She felt a steady pulsing in her clitoris like the gentle beating of a heart at rest. The sight proved titillating, inflicting her cunt with an ache that demanded satisfaction. She slid her hand into her pale pink panties, biting her lip as she grazed the sensitive flesh, swollen with need.
            The ghost moaned, gasp freezing in his throat as he spilled his release all over his hand and belly. His husky panting was a narcotic evoking a wave of lust in Siren that washed away whatever self-control she may have had left. She tickled her clit, delighting in the plumpness of it. She would get off quickly and then get the hell out of there.
            She opened her eyes to see the phantom standing under the deluge of running water silently and perfectly still. She paused scared to death he’d seen her. Had he? She couldn't see his face, but if he hadn't spotted her, then why did he become so quiet and motionless all of a sudden?
            She took a step backward to slink out of the bathroom.

            “Stay where you are,” the ghost commanded in a gentle but firm voice.

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