Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cover Questionnaires

So as you know my werewolf menage story, Wrestling With Temptation got published a couple of weeks ago with Siren Publishing. (Yes, I'm now referring to it by its title rather than "that werewolf story" Lol) It's due out int January. Woo!!

I filled out a cover questionnaire like it did when I signed on at Rebel Ink Press. I remember how surprised I was when I found out the authors write the blurbs. Fortunately I had fun with this, though the bitty blurb I had to do was tough. Now when it comes time for the excerpt, if I have to choose, then uh oh. How would I know which part to pick out from the others? Hopefully the publishers will choose.
Anyway, this latest cover questionnaire I filled out was longer. They give you the option when you're describing your characters to send a link of an actress or actor you pictured for the role as a reference point. (Obviously they can't slap a picture of those people on the cover; it's just to give them an idea of what's in my head.) I was excited. If I had just sent them a link without them asking I would have felt like a weirdo. Lol But since they asked I was happy to do so.
Sometimes it just helps when you're writing to have a clear picture in your head of what the hero or heroine looks like. I've found it helps to visualize the characters better and while sometimes during the course of writing that person in my head is who I picture the whole way through, there are other times where the character begins to take on its own form. Similar to its original source, but quite uniquely its own.
I absolutely love when I'm reading and the author will admit to who they pictured for their characters. It's so perfect! That way you have a clear vision in your head and sound of their voice to go by when reading. The story comes alive more, rather than just knowing the person is blond with blue eyes, but you can't really picture their face.

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