Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Monday, November 14, 2011

Alpha, Beta & Omega Heroes

I got a ton of writing done this weekend. I'm currently working on the second book in the Temptation, Wyoming series. (The first book, Wrestling With Temptation comes out on January 12th from Siren Publishing). Anyway, this one I'm working on is a FFM menage and the dominant character in the story is a woman. It's got some BDSM in it and she's in charge. That was a twist for me since I usually write about dominant males.
The hero has a very submissive personality like an omega, but he also stands up to her through parts of the book and speaks his mind. At times he seems more like her right hand man, or a beta. Hm. Does that make him an ombeta? Lol
I realize alpha males seem to be most popular and I prefer writing them. In fiction there's just something about a strong, take charge, possessive, protective kind of guy. A natural leader who prefers to give orders rather than take them, but has a sensitive side, even if he hides it well. A rebel who blazes his own trail, but can't resist that special someone who can tame him without taking away that dark edge.
I also really like writing about beta heroes. The sweet, supportive right hand man who has a strong enough personality to lead when necessary, but a tender side that is just so irresistible. In fiction, I have a hard time deciding which I like more: alphas or betas, but in real life give me the beta. <3
Omega is something I have only written about once or twice so far. In Wrestling With Temptation I wrote about a wolf pack and of course there was an omega. He was sweet, submissive and loyal. A lot like a puppy. I've done some research on wolves and while I always thought the omega was the low guy on the totem pole (he is), but he's hardly neglected. I guess when packs feed there's a hierarchy and certain pieces go to certain ranking wolves. This is apparently why the more dominant the wolf, the darker their markings are because they are used to eating certain parts of their prey, which shows up in their coat. Kind of like people. The better we eat, the clearer and more radiant our skin generally looks. Anyway, according to the information I read, the omega has to eat last (poor guy) and kind of acts as a court jester if any of the feeding wolves overstep their bounds or get snippy with each other. He basically keeps them from fighting while they eat. Then when they're done, one of the betas brings the omega something good to eat. (If he's getting the second in command's food, it has to be good). So in actuality the little guys are cared for and everybody ends up happy.   

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