Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Monday, November 5, 2012


Well, my current WIP is good so far, but there's this one conflict barrier in it. I'm trying to work it out in a believable manner that won't be offensive. So for now Temptation, Wyoming 6 is going OBB (on the back burner. I like codes. Makes me feel like a spy. :D) while I work on another book. I'm thinking a Western menage, possibly with some BDSM in it.
After that I should probably start Winchester, Arizona 3 and then I can finish the rest of Temptation, Wyoming 6. I'm halfway done with it. It's a long one with shape-shifters and BDSM. I just have to figure out how to work that one obstacle out and then it'll be just right.
Temptation, Wyoming 6 is part two of Badge of Temptation. In this book I'm working on I have to work Logan and Judah into Ben, Jill and Neil's menage/marriage. I found a realistic way to add Logan in, but I'm having trouble finding a believable way to graft Judah in when there's so much conflict between him and Ben. I had an idea and decided to toss it because it wasn't an amiable approach. Gr. I'm mulling around some stuff.
Then after that I've got work on Fallen Angels 3. I've had a change of plans with that book. Originally I was going to have it be about Blade and Tansy, but my brain had other ideas evidently. They'll be in it, but the story will primarily be about the soul vampire, Jude and his woman of interest.
I have ideas for another trilogy involving the side characters, but that will have to wait until this trilogy is finished. So I'm looking at this post here and realizing that I'd better quit yapping and get to it. Well then, off I go. We shall speak again later. :)

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