Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Little Plans

I just finished the first book in a new series about menage, cowboys, and BDSM. I sent it off to the publisher, so hopefully they like. If so, the book will probably come out in March. It's a pretty long one at 108,791 word count.
After a couple of days off from writing to focus on other things, I've got to finish writing Fallen Angels 3. I only have about six chapters left on it before I'm done.
Once I get that book sent off, I've got to finish up Temptation, Wyoming 6, which is part two to Badge of Temptation. I have about seven chapters left on book six. It's a really long one. Should be over 100,000 word count when I'm done.
After that baby gets done and sent off, I've got to start Winchester, Arizona 3. That's the final book in the trilogy, though I plan to do a spin-off series based on the side characters and set in the same town.
I've got other books planned to write later this year, but I want to focus on the three above mentioned books first.

On an unrelated note, some personal goals or New Year's resolutions of mine include finishing the unpacking, trying to plan menus more instead of not having food to eat or eating out in a time crunch, and I want to build more muscle as well.

I've decided to do this thing where I eat clean (mostly non-processed foods) all the time with a couple of treats a week in addition to my working out. I generally eat healthy anyway, but I want to go cold turkey with eating excellent for a few months. I've done it before on a smaller scale, but I want to try it for about twelve weeks to shock my body and hopefully see decent muscle gain. Nothing crazy like steroid goddess or anything. I just want to see how much muscle I can naturally gain and still look like a woman.
After the twelve weeks, since I'll be used to eating clean (hopefully), then it will be easier to continue.
I also want to decorate my home. I have some ideas about what I want, but my tastes seem to differ for each room. I'm definitely sure about the look for the bedroom. I'm thinking romantic and sensual...maybe even erotic. ;) I love scarlet reds, rich golds, olive greens. Not sure how much of each color or if I'd use them all in the room. I also really like black and silver as a separate look.
In the kitchen I like the Tuscan look, but I also love the modern look with all the dark wood cabinets, black appliances, and stainless steel goodness. :) Might do that.
I'd have to do all this over time, though. Collect ideas, shop for pieces here and there over the years so I don't go broke trying to be Martha Stewart. When it's all done, my home will look awesome!
I clean of course, but I want to decorate in some kind of theme. I really like whites in the living room, but I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to have a white, romantic look while living with two males. Hmm.

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