Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fallen Angels 3 & Updates on Other Books...and Then Some Rambling at the End

Broken Glory (Fallen Angels 3) has just been accepted by Pink Flamingo Publications! Yay! I don't have an exact release date yet, but I'll let you know when.
I'm almost finished with Temptation, Wyoming 6. I've got about three or four chapters left to write before I'm done and can send it off.
I finished that BDSM menage cowboys book I mentioned a couple of months back. Now it's just a matter of finding it the right home. It's a little darker than I anticipated, though nowhere near as much as my Fallen Angels trilogy. Just darker than the romances I usually write, though the elements are kind of key to character development, so we'll see what happens. It's book one in a new series that revolves around a BDSM club where menage and cowboys are prevalent. It's one of those F/M/M/M/M/M kind of stories, and I must say it was quite fun to write. :)
After I finish Temtation, Wyoming 6 and send it in, then I'll work on Winchester, Arizona 3. That shall be fun. :)

Have a swell day, everyone! Today I'm all about the girl's day off. This is the part where I get to take some time to myself and just shop in the city. Mostly window shopping, but hey, that's good, too. Got to hit the gym later tonight, preferably when all the big guys aren't there with all their bulging muscles and loud grunts. I feel like such a twig in the weight room when surrounded by men lifting a crapton more than me. When I'm alone, it's like "Sweet, I'm lifting way heavier than before. Go me!" Then five of those guys come in and lift 300 pounds with their thumbs...and I shrivel into "I suck" mode. Lol
I'm no pink 1 lb. dumbell girl, but even at my best, I'm not tossing several hundred pound weights into the air like a ball. I know, I don't have as much testosterone and nobody's judging what I lift in the weight room. It's just awkward to be surrounded by Titans while in the zone.
But this mama is determined to look better than before she was pregnant. I'm in the same jean size as before and I don't look bad, but dang it, I want to at least look how I did before, preferably better. Sucky thing is, after you have a baby it takes hard work to look as good as before. Before it was just "Eat relatively healthy and work out." Now it's "Eat CLEAN most of the time and work out even harder" for the same results. Bleh! I assume in time the hard work will get me to the vision in my head. *Sigh* It better. This is hard and then taking care of a baby on top of it. Help me! :P
To all you mamas out there with multiple kids and still making time for the gym, I salute you! Seriously, you're amazing women. :) People like you inspire the heck out of me and make me strive to be better. Have a nice day or evening! :)

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