Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spin-Off Series to Fallen Angels Trilogy & Updates on Other Books

Hi, guys! Fall weather is setting in. Yay! :) Lots of rain and gray skies. I even needed a hoodie the other night! :D
For those of you who haven't read Broken Glory (Fallen Angels 3) yet but want to, you might not want to read this post until after you've read the book as it contains a small spoiler or two regarding characters mentioned at the end of the book.
Are you looking away? I'm going to start spewing.
Okay then. Here I go.
I thought I should mention that there will be another series based on the side characters mentioned in the Fallen Angels trilogy. The series will be three or four books.
Book one will be a gay male BDSM book about Drakkar and Aramis.
The other two or three books in the series will be based on other side characters in the Fallen Angels trilogy.
One book will be a Maledom BDSM about Blade and Tansy.
The last book will be a Maledom BDSM about Faith (Nimbus and Sonya's daughter) and Renner (Jude and Scarlett's son). I'm not sure yet if that one will be a M/F with multiple partners or if it will be a menage with one woman and three men with other multiple partners.
I might have a book before that last one based on a few other side characters, but we'll see. I'm still mulling stuff over.
I have the first book with Drakkar and Aramis started.
I have to finish books two and three of my new Long Road Home trilogy first before I can get back to it. Book one in the Long Road Home trilogy is Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves. It's supposed to come out in March 2014. It's M/F/M, and Sully (Nimbus and Sonya's son from the Fallen Angels trilogy) is the villain in this book.
That's what's going on in the erotica department. On the erotic romance front I've got three books currently being looked at by three different publishers.
One of them is Temptation, Wyoming 7, which is M/F/M menage/paranormal/rubenesque with tiger shifters.
The other two books are book one, each in a different new series. Both books are M/F/M/M/M/M menage and cowboys. One is set in Kentucky, the other in South Dakota. The Kentucky one has BDSM and the other series has BDSM in the other books.
The Devil Wears Spurs (Winchester, Arizona 3) comes out on October 1 at Siren Publishing. I'm currently wrapping up the edits for it. I loved writing that one. :) It's M/F/M/M/M/M/M menage BDSM paranormal (shape-shifters: wolves, bears, and donkeys), and cowboys.
Haunting Siren (Midnight Fetish 1) is currently out of print. I'm going to read through it within the next couple of weeks, add material, edit, and revise before publishing it again. It should be out at the beginning of next year if all goes well.

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