Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Friday, December 6, 2013

Upcoming Serial & Update on Where The Rebel Flag Still Waves

Do you remember that MFMMMM menage I told you about that's set in a fictitious town in South Dakota? Well, Siren Publishing accepted it! :D It's a five book serial and the first book is scheduled to come out in March. Each book will come out every three weeks, so the wait time in between each book will be short.
The books are shorter than what I normally write, but not too short. Book one is a little over 40k, book two is over 30k, book three is almost 48k, and I'm almost finished with book four. The first three are with the pub and have been accepted. I've got to wrap up book four and then get started on book five.
The serial is called Men of McKenna Downs, and it's MFMMMM menage and cowboys. It's not paranormal. Are you in shock? I am. LOL Not sure how I managed to write something without were critters in it.
The first two books don't have BDSM, but books three through five do have BDSM, plus MM between one of the men and his best friend.
Book one is called Mellie's Cowboy, and it should be out in March.

On the erotica front, Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves is scheduled to come out in March at Pink Flamingo Publications and Erotic Book Network. It's book one in the Long Road Home Trilogy. MFM historical paranormal menage set during the civil war. No, I couldn't hold myself back from throwing were critters in that one. LOL But there's a were-bear in it! :D Plus a were-lion and a demon villain. The bad guy is actually Sully, Nimbus' and Sonya's son from the Fallen Angels Trilogy.

On a separate note, my friends, there is snow on the ground! :D It's so beautiful!

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