Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Men of McKenna Downs Serial & WIPs

Hi, friends! It's been a bit since I posted, so I thought I'd give you guys an update on my projects and upcoming books.
I have a five-book serial called Men of McKenna Downs. It's MFMMMM menage and cowboys, and it takes place in a fictitious town in South Dakota. Books four and five have BDSM in them. The first two don't and book three is very light BDSM. Books three through five also have MM elements in there between one of the heroes and his best friend.
The lengths of these books are shorter than what I normally write, but decent for serial books. Book one is over 41k word count, book two is over 30k (should be a little longer after editing), book three is over 47k, book four is over 50k, and book five is over 63k.
All five books are on the schedule at Siren Publishing for the following dates:

Book 1. Mellie's Cowboy - Wednesday March 26th
Book 2. Mellie's Angel - Wednesday April 16th
Book 3. Believing in Mellie - Wednesday May 7th
Book 4. Mellie's Submission - Wednesday May 28th
Book 5. Saving Greyson - Wednesday June 18th

Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves (Long Road Home 1) comes out in March at Pink Flamingo Publications and Erotic Book Network. It's MFM historical paranormal erotica set during the civil war. I don't have the exact date yet. I'll keep you posted.

The next project I'm working on is Haunting Siren (Midnight Fetish 1). The book was previously published, so the good news is it's finished. I just want to edit it one more time and add a prologue. I've decided to try self-pubbing that one. If it doesn't confuse me too much the book should come out on Amazon in either February or March hopefully. The book will probably be about 50k words or thereabouts when it's done being revised. Same story, just a tiny bit kinkier and edited by the me now rather than the me of two years ago. It's MF paranormal erotic romance with light BDSM.
After that I'll be working on Winchester, Arizona 4. I already have it started. The back story is epic! :D The book is MFMMMM menage paranormal and cowboys. The heroes are were-jaguars and it's about the Dark brothers and their lady, Lorelei, who is a witch.
After that Temptation, Wyoming 8 is up to be written. That's Brenda's story. LOL It should be fun. I love Brenda. :) It'll be MFMM menage paranormal with two firemen who are bear shifters and a cop. She does love men in uniform. ;)
I might have started a spin-off series/serial (not sure yet) for the Men of McKenna Downs serial based on Mellie's sister that will be MFMMMMM or maybe a seventh guy if I can figure out what he looks like. That's just something I'm working on casually on the side. It won't be done for a while because I have a truckload of books to write/finish first.
So that's the latest. Also, if you guys ever have suggestions/requests for a type of shifter, story, genre, hero, naughty content, etc. I'm open. I aim to please. :) You can email me at

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