Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fallen Angels Trilogy Omnibus - Now on Amazon

All three books in the Fallen Angels Trilogy are available in one big book on Amazon for the kindle. The collection includes Broken Halo, Broken Vow, and Broken Glory.
If you haven't read these books, please be warned they are dark erotica and edgy in places. Some of the content includes non-con, heavy S&M, multiple partners, group sex, double stuffing, golden showers, various kinks, pony play, puppy play, etc. These are male Dom capture fantasy books. Although not romance, they are love stories, but they're still dark erotica.
Book one is over 64,000 words, book two is over 74,000 words, and book three is over 109,000 words.
Cover, descriptions/warning labels, and links below.

Broken Halo – Nimbus, an incubus, and Sonya, a guardian angel, are divided by their different allegiances, but neither has ever stopped loving the other. In Regency England, Nimbus devises a scheme to trick Sonya into losing her soul and get her into his bed where he teaches her the meaning of pleasure and submission.
Contains: (Male domination, female submission, S&M, threesomes, group sex, double stuffing, pony training, straight sex, lesbian sex, non-consent, caning, whipping, knife play, branding, golden showers, exhibition, voyeurism, anal, oral, sex with a demon in shifted form, bondage, caging, fisting, spanking, masturbation, degradation, etc.)

Broken Vow – Freed from his prison, Nimbus swears revenge on Sonya, the mate who left him. Sonya has slain vampires for centuries to win back her redemption. In 2010 Portland, Oregon she falls for Dante, a buff tattoo artist with an alpha male personality and a secret that could cost them both.
Contains: (Male domination, female submission, S&M, group sex, multiple partners, double stuffing, straight & lesbian sex, caning, spanking with a belt, erotic lactation, bondage, golden showers, catheter play, enema, exhibition, voyeurism, spanking, sex toys, anal & oral sex, some non-consent, desecration, sex in shifted form with demons, humiliation and degradation, etc.)

Broken Glory – Jude, a soul devourer, plots his revenge on Scarlett, the angel who pisses him off and riles his passions. When she falls for a werewolf named Aramis, Scarlett seeks the help of vampires, Drakkar and Nicolai to make her human so she can be with Aramis. Unknown to her, it’s all part of Jude’s plan to stumble her. What starts as vengeance quickly becomes obsession for Jude. He will possess Scarlett even if the cost is her soul.

Contains: (Male domination, female submission, S&M, straight & lesbian sex, threesomes, flogging, whipping, deflowering, some non-consent, forced weight gain, puppy play, water sports, birching, group sex, shaving, knife play, bondage, sex during menstruation, shock collar, spanking, sex toys, anal & oral sex, sex with demons in shifted form, breeding, etc.)

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