Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Friday, February 20, 2015

Guest Author E.A. Reynolds

Hi, everyone! I have author E.A. Reynolds as a guest today. She's talking about her newest release.

It's good to have you here, E.A.!

Dade is aware that a gay man can’t be sheriff. So, torn between the life he wants, and the life he must lead, Dade claims Rhys, only one of his mates. He accepts that their relationship can only survive if it’s kept in the closet.
Rhys loves Dade with all his heart and he knows Dade feels the same, but he also accepts that Jori is Dade’s mate too. So, Rhys urges Dade to claim her to complete their triad. However, Jori is resistant to sharing Dade. She fears she’ll hurt, but with both men romancing her she gives in to the passion stalking them.

Then, disaster strikes and Dade is forced to track down a killer. The killer is after alien relics. Jori has one of the most dangerous pieces and the killer won’t stop until he gets it. The price of passion just might demand more than either man’s heart can take.

Story Excerpt
Twenty minutes later Jori sat beside Rhys heading toward Willow Bluff Park. The silence was intermingled with music from the radio. In the background, her talk with her played through her mind, and she wondered if Marcy knew he was planning to go his own way.
Maybe it would be good for them all be apart from each other. They might get some perspective about the paths their lives should take without each other’s voices playing in their heads. “Okay?” Rhys asked, reaching over to rub her thigh.
“What kind of psychic power do you have?” she asked as a feeling of calm invaded her.
“Most Barrians didn’t have just one ability or skill,” he told her. “My affinity is with earth energy. I have a kinetic skill that allows me to affect vibrations of things. I can speed them up or slow them down. I can affect the emotions although I can’t read minds.”
“What do you mean affect emotions?”
“I can’t make you feel love for me or Dade,” he told her with a smile. “I can heal them by grounding the negative emotions so that the wounded can think clearly.”
“That’s what you do to me,” she murmured softly. “I didn’t know I needed healing.”
“We all need connection, Jori, and Dade was the strongest connection I felt on you,” he admitted. “I felt your brother, but Marcy’s connection is weak. I feel echoes of your connection with your mother. It was the strongest tie you ever had I think.”
“We were very close,” she confessed. “I just started to bounce back from their deaths a few months ago. Dade started the healing process and I wondered at first if I was holding on to him so tight, taking what he would give because I needed it so bad.”
“Sometimes that’s all we can do until we’re strong enough to stand on our own again.”
She put her hand on his. “I’m still scared I’ll get hurt,” she said. “But I love Dade so much, I feel like he belongs to me.”
“He’s as scared as you are you know,” Rhys assured her softly.
“Are you afraid you’ll lose him to me?”
“No.” He shook his head. “I fear he’ll lose you, and it will take him a while to get over you.”
It must feel good to be that sure, that confident you had someone.
“You have him, Jori,” Rhys told her and gave her thigh a squeeze. “And because of him, you have me. I meant what I said. You and I never have to be lovers if you don’t want that, but I’ll always be your man.”
A knot in her stomach unfurled, and she exhaled softly. It was as much a mental letting go as a physical one. Rhys wasn’t going to steal Dade from her the way Anne thought Branch had stolen her husband from her. They could have separate relationships with Dade yet be a strong family.
“Aren’t you jealous at all?” she asked with a frown.
He laughed softly. “I was, but I’ve come to realize, Dade has plenty of love for us both, Jori. It doesn’t have to be one or the other for any of us.”
“Why are we going to the park?” she asked.
“Dade called,” he answered as he turned into the park grounds. “He wanted us to meet him there.”
“Why?” she asked with a frown.
“Dinner I assume,” he said with a smile. “Nothing happens you don’t want to happen. Ever. Okay?”
She nodded. “Okay.”
“But I’m hoping I get to fuck you again.”
She gave him a startled look but didn’t say anything. She wanted him again too.
They fell silent as he drove them deep into the park to their destination. Dade’s truck was parked near a stand of cedars in a spot that gave the illusion of seclusion through its isolation.
Dade opened her door for her as soon as the car came to a full stop. She allowed him to help her out and heart beating fast she looked up into his aquamarine eyes.
He gave her a faint smile. “Hi. Are you okay with being here?”
“Don’t start harassing her, Dade.” Rhys came up behind her. “She’s where she wants to be. With us. Now, what’s the big surprise?”
“Don’t be a smart-ass,” he said. “Jori?”
“I’m okay with being here.”
“Don’t run this time without giving us a chance,” Rhys said and kissed the side of her neck.
She gave Dade a tentative smile. “I won’t.”
“Good because if you do there won’t be any going back for us,” he told her softly. “I won’t be able to trust you with my heart, Jori, and I want to. I want Rhys to be able to trust you with his.”
“Do you want me in your life? Do you care about me?” she asked.
“Yes, I do,” he answered with a slow nod. “What I feel for you is beyond simple caring,” he answered quietly.

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