Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I'm Working On/Updates On Upcoming Releases

Okay, so first off my paranormal erotic romance, Haunting Siren will be coming out this month at No Boundaries Press. They are a new publisher and just launched on the first of this month. I don't have a precise date for my book's release, but I'm told it will be this month.
Also as stated in the post below, the date for my werewolf menage erotic romance, Wrestling With Temptation is still set to come out on the 26th of this month from Siren Publishings. I just got the cover back for it. Yay! See the post below to look at it, or just glance slightly to the left of your screen and there it is again! (I was so excited I posted it twice:) )
The other book (dark fantasy erotica) will be coming out in February from Erotic Book Network.
Now that we've got that all sorted out, I will start rambling. :) My book, Fleeing Temptation got accepted by Siren Publishings and will be out sometime in April. It's a F/F/M menage and the second book in the Temptation, Wyoming series.
Soon I'll be working on edits for several books once I get those back. Then I need to work on the sequels for those other books. But right now I'm working on book three in the Temptation, Wyoming series because it's winter and I'm in the mood to write about the Rocky Mountains and extreme wildlife (By extreme I mean grizzly bears, bison, moose, etc.), since I don't have those things in my front yard here. And that's okay. How terrifying would it be to go check the mail and see a grizzly bear hanging around out there?
Anyway, this story is a F/M/M/M menage with a variety of creatures in it. One is a were-tiger and the other characters are different types of vampires/demons. So what's the problem? Nothing. I'm having a blast! However, there is a slight challenge with the fact that I'm writing about a BDSM club run by vampires/demons. It's complicated because typically when I write about vampires or demons I like to make them dark and well, evil. In my dark fantasy erotica book I wrote about a variety of demons and vampires and included S&M, bondage, edge play and a whole mess of taboos I'm not going to mention right now. (When I get the cover back and the release date, I'll post it and a blurb and by all means a freaking warning label since that book is so much darker and edgier than the others I wrote.) The hero in that book was also the villain. Love gives him depth, but he has no soul and is beyond redemption. The side characters are dark and soulless as well. Only the humans and angels in that book offer light.
At times the hero is so evil I just want the heroine to run from him and save herself. But then there are moments where you can see how much he loves her and like the heroine, you wonder if love can really save him, or if he's too far gone. It was an intense story to write and it touched something deep inside of me.
I say all that because the book I'm working on right now has vampires and demons in it, but since they own a BDSM club one has to stick with the whole "safe, sane and consensual." (Unlike the other book)
I want to keep with that for this book, however, I don't want reformed vampires or humanistic demons. I prefer them soulless and dark, though by all means they can love and feel for the right person. So the problem lies in keeping with a realistic sense of BDSM while still staying true to their natures to a certain extent. The characters in this book aren't as dark as I would normally strive for with creatures like that, but so far it seems to work well for this book. They are edgy but somewhat human.


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