Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Favorite Authors

I thought I would just take a moment to mention my favorite erotic romance authors and why I love them.

Sam Crescent - because she writes hot sex scenes and alpha heroes. I love that she sometimes writes dark books. Those are my favorite. Anytime I've interacted with her she's been a sweetheart. I love sweet authors.

Robin Schone - She has a sensual way of writing that makes you feel the tension building between the hero and heroine. Her sex scenes are good, but her talent for creating sexual tension between characters and making you feel the simple lick on the ear or touch wherever is breathtaking and real. Also she does a good job of immersing you in a historical setting.
My favorite book of hers is Gabriel's Woman. It's actually my all-time favorite erotic romance book. The plot is dark and meaty, which I love. She wrote the tortured hero superbly. Those along with alpha heroes are my two favorites to read/write about.

Leah Brooke - Her Desire series is excellent, mainly because the characters are addicting. She writes sex well, and I absolutely love her dominant alpha heroes with all their threats of spanking. :)
My favorite book of hers so far is Submission to Desire. Oh my god, it was great! I was curious about Royce and King from the get-go, and I loved how dominant they were. She got heavier on the BDSM in that book than she normally does and I couldn't have been happier. She did a great job and wrote a sassy yet submissive heroine I really liked.

Natalie Acres - She's awesome! Her heroes are alpha and possessive. I appreciate that she takes the time to build the characters, sexual tension, and story before plunking the characters into bed together. I need to want them to get frisky with each other and she does a good job of making me want them to get naked. Lol
My favorite book of hers is Cowboy Boots & Untamed Hearts. I liked the heroine and I loved the men. I liked their alpha personalities, their possessiveness with Sydney, and yes, I enjoyed the innuendos. ;)
I'm fine with sweet talk and doting on the heroine in books, but my preference is when the fawning is kept to moderate levels rather than fawning on every page. I prefer a splash of sweet with a whole lot of naughty behavior and some dirty talk.
Natalie Acres does a great job of finding the balance that I love.

Chloe Lang - She writes sex scenes really good. She does a good job of making them hot and appealing.
In real life I'm more of a tattoos and leather, or a gentleman in a suit kind of girl, but Chloe Lang writes cowboys in such a way that I enjoy reading about them.
My favorite book of hers that I've read so far is Strong Attraction. The sex was hot, the town was interesting to read about, and I just enjoyed reading about her meeting the first of the Strong brothers. I haven't read the rest of the series yet, but I will. I got excited when I heard that the BDSM gets heavier as the series progresses. Yes, please. :D

So there you have it, my friends. My top five favorite authors, all of them talented writers I shall be reading more of. I have plenty of other good authors I like to read. Those are just my top five favorites.

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