Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Winchester, Arizona 3 Has Been Accepted!

Woo!! The Devil Wears Spurs (Winchester, Arizona 3) has been accepted by Siren Publishing! :D It comes out in ebook in September and should be available in print a couple of months after that. I'm so excited!
It's a MFMMMMM menage with BDSM, paranormal, and cowboys. It's well over 100k. I really got into it. :)

Originally I was just going to have it be a trilogy, and while book three is the HEA conclusion for Jade and her men, some of the side characters need stories, so I've decided to extend the series. However, unlike the first three books, which are connected and need to be read in order, books four through six will be stand-alone books each based on a different set of side characters and with a HEA ending.

Book four will be about the Dark brothers (Jaguar shifters) and the witch, Lorelei Presley.

Book five will be about their father, Harrison Dark and his reunion with his lost love, Piper Covington. (Not sure yet if there will be a second man in this one or not.)

Book six will be about Milan and Adam Easton (Ben Easton's brothers) and their woman, Claudia Presley (Lorelei's mom).

That's all I have planned in that series for now, unless another set of characters starts demanding their own story. :)

If you're wondering when Ivy Covington and Brutus will get a story, I already have it started, but I've got some other books I have to write first. Their book will have to be published with an erotica publisher since it's much darker than the books in this series. It will be a stand-alone book.

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