Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guest: Lori King - Weekend Surrender

Today I have author Lori King on my blog! She's an author of menage erotic romance at both JK Publishing and Siren Publishing. She's talking about her latest book, Weekend Surrender, and giving us a sneak peek of the next book in the trilogy.

Welcome, Lori! :)

They want her to surrender to them for one weekend…

When Rachel Morgan has her heart broken by a cheating man, she sets her mind on a one night stand. She wants to experience a few hours of passion with no strings attached, but the Brooks brothers have a different plan. They’ve been watching Rachel for years, biding their time because she was attached and they didn’t want to interfere. Now she’s single, and if she wants to play, then they are going to make sure she does it with them.
One wicked weekend of passion, and romance…

The Surrender Trilogy Book 1: After another painful betrayal and break up, Rachael Morgan sets out to prove to herself that she can handle a good time with a man and walk away sexually satisfied and with her heart intact. She could have never imagined that she would be agreeing to the proposition of a lifetime. Every woman in Stone River, Texas would jump at this chance, but she’s afraid she’ll leave pieces of her heart behind.
Raised on their family ranch the four Brooks brothers have always shared everything. Even women.When they find themselves face to face with the one person who could complete them all, they set out on a journey to claim her for their own.
Fate can place them all in the right place at the right time, but will Rachel be able to overcome her relationship scars, or is she destined to live her life alone believing that no man ever stays?

(M/F/M/M/M Ménage, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, bondage, spanking, HEA, There is no touching or titillation between siblings.)

JK Pub

As always Parker made the first move. Tugging her skirt down over her hips, and stealing her boots along with it. Her fire engine red bra seemed to fascinate Hudson, and he gently traced his fingers around its edges, before slipping them inside to pinch her nipple. Her body jerked upward like she had been shocked, and a warm hand on her belly pressed her back down onto the table.
Sawyer was staring down at her belly button ring like it was a lost treasure, and with an audible groan he bent to flick his tongue into the tiny cavity before teasing the dangling crystal until she whimpered. He pressed open mouthed kisses all over her belly from hip to hip. His hot breath was erotic and soothing all at once. She tried to relax under their ministrations but found her hips rocking of their own accord, like she had no control over them at all. She felt her thong being tugged down her legs, and then she heard the sweetest words ever spoken to her.
“Fuck that is sexy.” Rogan said sharply as he stood next to Parker and admired her shaved pussy. Sawyer was still focused on her belly and abdomen, and Hudson had managed to divest her of her bra. He now cupped one breast, and sucked hard on the other.
She could feel her own insecurities well up for a moment, and before she knew it she was drawing her knees closed and moving her hands to cover her nudity.
“Hey,” Hudson yelped as her nipple popped out of his mouth, “What do you think you’re doing, honey?” His hands came up to the sides of her head, and he sunk his fingers into her hair to hold her still.
“I-I…” her voice cracked, and she clenched her eyes shut so that he wouldn’t see the tears that welled up in them.
What was she doing here? How did this all spin out of control so fast? She had four men making love to her naked body, and she was desperate for it. Like an addiction to a toxic drug, she was afraid that she would never get enough of their touches.
“Rachel. Tell us what’s wrong? You were so hot a second ago, what happened?” Rogan’s voice cut through her internal monologue, and she felt a rush of heat creep up over her cheeks and chest.
“I’m embarrassed,” she whispered. When there was no response she cracked her eyes open. All four men stood gaping at her like she had lost her mind. She closed her eyes again, praying that she would wake up from this dream.
“Rachel, open your eyes,” Parker demanded. He looked pleased when she complied and stared into his dark chocolate glare. “Tell us why you’re feeling embarrassed.”
“I’ve never been with more than one man, and…and…” she hesitated, but their matching looks of confusion and concern caused the words to tumble out. “I’ve never even had sex with the lights on. I don’t like the way I look naked, and Mitch always told me that my boobs were too small. And I know my hips are a little too big—”
Sawyer’s mouth cut off her rambling as he bent and kissed her long and deep. By the time he let her come up for air she was nearly panting, and she had moved her hands away from her breasts to grip his shoulders. He smiled down at her, and she smiled back.
“You have nothing to be ashamed of, baby. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life, and if the erections my brothers are sporting are any indication, they think so too.” Sawyer’s tone was serious, but his smile was playful, and his eyes were tender. She darted a glance at the others, and they each nodded their agreement.
“Rachel, let me make one thing clear.” Parker said in that deep, growly voice that made her pussy clench. “There isn’t a damn thing about you or your body that I want to change, and I don’t ever want to hear you say his name in our house again. Any man that would make his woman feel like less than a goddess, when she is gifting him with her body, is an ass.”
Rachel found herself giggling in spite of the gravity of his words, and she laughed harder when Parker couldn’t keep his stern face straight anymore and he cracked a grin.
Rolling his eyes Parker sighed, “Do you understand what I’m saying, sunshine?”
 “You’re telling me to stop being self-conscious, because you want me as is.” She said with another wide grin.
             “Damn right I do,” Parker said, and he moved back up between her thighs, “now spread your legs for me.”

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Thank you so much, Zoey for letting me steal some time on your blog! Just for that I’ll name the heroine in the second book, Flawless Surrender, Zoey….okay not really, but her name is going to be Zoey! Take a quick peek…

The scent of food drifted on the air as Dalton stepped into the living room, and his stomach growled. How long had it been since he had eaten a home cooked dinner?
Watching from the end of the hallway he looked Zoey over. She had certainly grown into a stunning woman. Her curvy body was on the shorter side, but she far made up for it with her big personality. She was sexy as hell, and his cock took note as her long black hair swung down her back with her movements. Her back was to him as she worked at the stove, and if he wanted a better look at her perfectly round ass he would have to move closer.
“Something smells delicious,” he said as he walked across the living room. Her head came up and she turned those enormous blue eyes on him with a million dollar smile.
“Tanner doesn’t keep the kitchen very well stocked, so I’m making do tonight. I found a beef pot roast in the freezer and I made up some egg noodles. There’s corn bread in the oven, would you mind setting the table?”
Dalton smiled back at the easy way Zoey made herself at home. The girl hadn’t even had time to unpack her stuff, and yet she was scrambling around the kitchen making noodles from scratch. She was a gem. “You got it, pretty lady, and believe me, I’m not a picky eater. If you knew some of the things I’ve eaten during the last ten years…” He shivered and shook his head making her laugh. The husky tinkle of her giggle went straight to his nuts and the moment her back was to him he adjusted himself.
It had been months since he’d had sex, and his dick was as hard as a wooden fence post just being close to a gorgeous woman. Her scent was a blend of almond and honey and he wanted to lick her skin to see if she tasted that way too.
“So how does it feel to be back in the US?”
“Weird. It’s just as hot here, but it’s a lot cleaner. I miss the work, and I miss the people, but I’m beginning to wonder if the world is trying to tell me that I needed to move on.” Dalton had the table set pretty quickly, and he moved back to the kitchen to watch Zoey again.
“You’ve been gone a long time, give yourself a few days to adjust.” She responded easily, as she bent over to pull the bread from the oven.
A groan slipped from his throat at the sight of her perfectly heart shaped ass, and she stood quickly. He could see her cheeks turning red and he sighed. “I’m sorry, Zoey. I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable. You have to know how beautiful you are, and I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time. Forgive me.”
She waved a hand at him, “There’s nothing to forgive. Just forget it. Can you let Tanner know that dinner’s ready?”
“You just did.” Tanner appeared from the direction of the living room and by the glare he was giving Dalton, he had heard their conversation.

Flawless Surrender is Coming soon!!!

Both excerpts sound yummy, Lori! :) I'll pretend I'm the reason she's named Zoey. ;) LOL
It was so good to have you, Lori! Thank you for sharing with us!


  1. Love the first book and that teaser made me ready for the second one!

  2. Woo hoo I can not wait for Zoey s book. Bring it on

  3. Thank you Cherie! <3