Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Update on the Previous Update

Hey, guys! I thought I'd do an update on my previous update since some stuff has been changed or moved around.
First off, I'm working on two WIPs at the moment. Both are spin-offs to the Men of McKenna Downs serial. One is on Mellie's younger sister, Kendall, and the Huntingtons. That one will probably be one big stand-alone book. MFMMM menage with BDSM and MM elements.
The other spin-off is about Danielle and her six men. That one also has BDSM and plenty of MM. It will be a serial of either three or four books.
I'm closer to done with the one about Kendall, but we'll see. Whichever one I get sent in first will probably come out around March or April (if serial gets done first), or February/March (if stand-alone gets done first).
Haunting Siren will be republished, but at this point I've got so much going on I'm not sure if I'll self-pub it or send it to one of my publishers. That would require additional revising and possibly another book in the series sent at the same time, so it would take a bit.
About that dark trilogy I told you about, I have the first book mostly written and the second one started. The first book is 160k words so far, the longest I've written to date. The book is MM. It focuses mainly on this one relationship, but touches on two other MM relationships. One is healthy, one is dysfunctional, the other is completely toxic. I'll have more details closer to time. This will be self-pub and come with lots of warning labels. Dark and at times disturbing, mainly in book two.
I was originally going to have it be a menage with a woman, but I decided to give those characters their own book so people could read it, since this book is so dark and some people will probably want to pass on it.
Winchester, Arizona 4 will come out next year if accepted, as will the second book in the Masters of Black Dragon series. I don't have exact dates for these since I'm working on the two McKenna Downs spin-offs at the moment.
Sorry it's taking a while. Writing can be a challenge sometimes with a toddler. LOL An energetic little boy no less. :)
I hope you all are well. Have a great weekend!

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