Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Diane Goodman, the winner of the contest! :) You got the most questions right. If you contact me at I will mail your prize to you.
Thank you to everyone who played.
In case anyone is curious, here are the correct answers to the questions:
1. In Haunting Siren, what is the name of Hannibal's parrot?
d) Trouble

2. In Wrestling With Temptation, what is the name of the sorcerer who raised Morrigan from the dead?

b) Raphael

3. In Broken Halo, who breaks Sonya's hymen?

c) Jude

4. In Fleeing Temptation, what kind of coffee does Hilary order?

d) White Andes

5. In Brazen Temptation, what happens when Joaquin kisses Claire for the first time?

b) His dormant heart beats

6. In Temptation's Hold, what pet name does Lucius call Chanel?

c) Princess

7. In Sin Wore a Stetson, what initials does Jade have tattooed on her badonkadonk?

a) I.C.

8. In Badge of Temptation, which of the four men meets Jill first?

d) Logan

9. In both Broken Halo and Broken Vow, which actor was the inspiration for Nimbus?

a) Sean Bean

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