Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Contest For Free Book & T-Shirt

I'm having a contest and the winner gets a T-shirt with the Temptation, Wyoming logo on it, as well as a free book. It can be any of my books or even the new release that comes out on Thursday. If you want it in ebook, then please keep in mind that I only have PDF files to give away. If you're wanting it in print, I'll sign it for you, but I might have to order the book before I mail it to you, depending on which one you want.
How the contest works is you answer the fun (I think it's fun :) quiz below and the person who gets the most answers correct wins. If I have a bunch of ties, I'll write your names down on paper, throw them into a hat (saucepan) and draw a name at random.
You can either post your answers on my blog or you can email them to me at
The contest ends on Saturday December 8, and I will look over everyone's answers at that time. The winner will be announced that evening or the following morning, depending on where at in the world you are.
The questions pertain to my books, one from each book. If you haven't read them all, don't worry, they're multiple choice, so guess away. Have fun and good luck to you! :)

Zoey Marcel Book Quiz:

1. In Haunting Siren, what is the name of Hannibal's parrot?

a) Polly  b) Edgar  c) Styx  d) Trouble

2. In Wrestling With Temptation, what is the name of the sorcerer who raised Morrigan from the dead?

a) Galen  b) Raphael  c) Samael  d) Hannibal

3. In Broken Halo, who breaks Sonya's hymen?

a) Nimbus  b) Cassiel  c) Jude  d) Demornae

4. In Fleeing Temptation, what kind of coffee does Hilary order?

a) Grasshopper  b) Mocha  c) Pumpkin latte  d) White Andes

5. In Brazen Temptation, what happens when Joaquin kisses Claire for the first time?

a) They do it  b) His dormant heart beats  c) He drinks her blood  d) Someone walks into the room

6. In Temptation's Hold, what pet name does Lucius call Chanel?

a) Baby  b) Sugar  c) Princess  d) Babe

7. In Sin Wore a Stetson, what initials does Jade have tattooed on her badonkadonk?

a) I.C.  b) J.F.  c) B.K.  d) K.B

8. In Badge of Temptation, which of the four men meets Jill first?

a) Ben  b) Neil  c) Judah  d) Logan

9. In both Broken Halo and Broken Vow, which actor was the inspiration for Nimbus?

a) Sean Bean  b) Liam Neeson  c) Liev Schreiber  d) Russel Crowe 


  1. I believe the answers are
    1. D
    2. B
    3. A
    4. D
    5. A
    6. C
    7. A
    8. D
    9. D

    I love all of your Temptation books. Love that we have a weretiger too. Yummy

    Diane Goodman