Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Men of McKenna Downs Serial

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Note About Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves

In case any of you are wondering what happened to my civil war book, Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves, to make a long story short, the rights reverted back to me, so the book is temporarily out of print. I did some major editing and revising on the story. Pink Flamingo Publications has accepted it and the book should come out in March 2014.
While the overall story of Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves is basically the same, here are some of the changes I made: It's still a historical paranormal set in the civil war era, but I turned it from an erotic romance into pure erotica. It used to be a M/F love story, but now it's a M/F/M menage love story. I expanded on the heroine's motives and gave her more depth.
There are also more sex scenes and some kink added, including: more M/F/M menage sex scenes, figging, hot wax play, anal fisting, shaving, clothespins, spanking with a crop, double anal penetration (yes, on the heroine), some more M/F sex scenes, two more M/M sex scenes, two F/F sex scenes, and one F/F/M sex scene.
Oh yeah, and I added in a bear shifter, because bears are awesome, and how can a Southern gentleman with a gunslinger past and a were-bear side to him not be hot and oh so fun? :)
There might be more that I forgot to mention, but basically it's the same story only hotter and with several significant differences.
I really enjoyed writing this book and can't wait for it to come out. The original version of this story was the very first novel I ever wrote, though it wasn't the first book that got published. My writing has improved a lot since then. The previous published book was good, but I have since edited and revised the book to my liking, and the overall results are a stronger, hotter story. :)
If you choose to read the book, I hope you enjoy it. I would also be curious to hear from anyone who happens to read this book as well as read the previous version. Did you like the changes? Which story did you prefer?
I'll post more when I have a release date.

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